Q: Can these be worn multiple times?
A: Yes! In fact they’re reusable up to 20x depending on how you care for them.
Q: How do I take them off?
A: Simple. Just grab the end of the lash and lightly pull. They will easily come off.
Q: Can I cut these to fit my eye shape?
A: Yes! It is recommended that you cut these before wearing.
Q: Are these difficult to put on?
A: At first it will be challenging but once you get the hang of it you will be a pro.
Q: How many hours a day can you wear the lash?
A: Usually they will last a full day if applied correctly.
Q: How do you clean them?
A: There is many ways you can clean your false lashes. Youtube has been very helpful for a lot of people. I clean mine with a makeup wipe.
Q: Are they uncomfortable?
A: If applied wrong they can be uncomfortable that's why we encourage everyone to cut them. If applied correctly you won't even notice you have them on.
Q: Which lashes are the most natural?
A: All Day, Baby Girl, & Belle
Q: Which lashes are the most dramatic?
A: Fluffy, The Tay, So Extra, & Dos.
Q: Which lashes are good for smaller eyelids?
A: Smokey, Kim K, Friday
Q: Which lashes are good for bigger eyelids?
A: The Tay, Baby Girl, Chunky, Rudified.